Filling Machine
Ref: R62
Used Automatic Bag In Box Sacmi Filler 2009

Year: 2009
Overhaul: it has been completely overhauled by sacmi in april 2022

3 lt 600 bag per hour.
5 lt 500 bag per hour.
10 lt 400 bag per hour.
20 lt 200 bag per hour.

Construction features:
This Machine is made of stainless steel with supporting frame made of sturdy welded. Shot-peened tubular of the self-draining and washable type, specific for the food industry.
Bag picking and feeding system with a tipping hook that pushes them gently and at an adjustable speed through the neck.
Adjustable tear-off cutter, inserted in the bag loading position before filling, to avoid unnecessary mechanical stress to the sack.
Poppet filling valve, built completely of AISI 316 stainless steel and with seals designed to be sanitized with steam, equipped with decanting for the injection of inert gas at the end of the filling.
Three-position pneumatic cap lever, for gripping the cap in pre-capping and capping with extra stroke, equipped with
cap presence sensor.
How does it work:
The valve and the cap lever will be moved longitudinally by a single pneumatic cylinder
Overturning roller built with idle rollers made of plastic material that keeps the bag horizontal filling position and tilts for his insertion into the hopper.
Pneumatic handling system of the hopper which conveys the bag inside the box itself, with the cap in the upper part. (the hopper is built specifically for the size of the box).
Motorized chain conveyor in acetal resin, also built entirely of stainless steel, to transport the boxes in the bag insertion position.

Pneumatic system for locking the boxes under the hopper in the filling position.
Product feeding circuit to the machine, with flowmeter and hose suitable for steam sanitization (with the possibility of inserting a product recovery valve to control the feeding overpressure).
CIP recovery circuit, which can be inserted automatically into the filling valve, also suitable for steam sanitization. (With the possibility of inserting a condensate drain valve and controlling the sanitizing temperature of the entire circuit).
Transparent shockproof plexiglass external protections with safety sensors.
Used Automatic Bag In Box Sacmi Filler 2009, this machine is in excellent condition and ready immediately for sale


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